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The Turkish cuisine is a traditional dish combining different aspects of other culture cuisines such as Central Asian, Middle Eastern, Greek and more together. It is the continuation of the Ottoman cuisine. The turkish cuisine in turn has helped to improve the other neighbouring cuisines by fusing different culinary traditions together. The cuisine makes use of light spicy ingredients, stuffed vegetables and fish. When cooking turkish dishes especially in the western part of Turkey, olive oil is the major cooking oil in making turkish cuisine and it is gotten from olive trees which grows in abundance in that region. Some of the popular turkish cuisines are Urfa kebap and Adana kebap. Both having slight difference in preparation in which the latter is thicker and hotter (amount of spice added) than the former. Both are meat-based food and are mainstay in the turkish cuisine. A large part of the cuisine focuses around bread, rice and vegetables.

Turkish Restaurants Near You in Kenya

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