Order Salads Online in Kenya

Salad is a dish containing cold vegetables served with different sauces or ingredients. There are different kinds of salads and can be prepared in several ways. The type of salads include - green salad, vegetable salad, bound salad, fruit salad & more. We all know that health experts recommend five portions of fruits and vegetables a day but most of us find that hard to do. There is a tasty way to take in those five portions every day and that is by eating salads. There is a wide variety of fruit salad and vegetables salads that you can enjoy so it's easy to keep switching them so you never get bored with your greens. Located in Kileleshwa, The Good Food Company (TGFC) offers the a great variety of them.

Fruits & Vegetable Salads Available on Jumia Food

Vegetable Salads are made from combination of common raw veggies which includes carrots, celery, onions, tomatoes and more. It can be sauced with other ingredients like cheese, meat, chicken, & more. More than a salad is the motto this company has about their salads. They don't just serve up a fruit salad or vegetable salads; they serve an experience. One experience you will enjoy and want to repeat again and again is the chicken and penne salad made with slow-cooked chicken, sweet corn, celery and tomatoes and dressed with a low-fat herb and garlic dressing with fresh basil. Other salads options are salade nicoise, tomato, chickpea and broccoli, Thai beef salad, roast chicken and tomato and couscous & Mediterranean vegetable salad. Fresh fruit salad is also available, made using the freshest fruits and topped with ice-cream.

Top Salad Restaurants in Kenya

There is no better online food delivery platform to order a nice salad for your friends and family. Whether you’re hosting a party or a get-together, the party is incomplete without Salads. Choose from a wide variety of different kinds of salads from top restaurants in Kenya. You have the option of visiting The Good Food Company on 66 Dar es Salaam Road in Kileleshwa or you go online, place your order and wait for delivery. The experience will be a very good one you will want to relieve and share.