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Rum is an alcoholic beverage extracted from sugarcane byproducts or directly from sugarcane juice through process of distillation or fermentation. Most alcoholic drinks go through this process. More than half of the world’s Rum production is usually in the caribbeans and latin America. Several other countries produce Rum too. Rum is usually produced according to different grades and variations which include dark rum, flavoured rum, gold rum, light rum, overproof rum, premium rums, spiced rums, and more. The light rum are usually referred to as cocktails and is best enjoyed in a corporate gathering or parties. You can order for light rum from the best restaurants in Kenya at best prices. The golden and dark rum have much stronger taste than light rum. They are also darker in color. Most people use the dark rum for cooking. Flavoured rums are usually produced by adding fruit ingredients such as banana, mango, orange, coconut & more to give it a fruity taste. This can be enjoyed in a social gathering or parties.

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