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At Jumia Food, we adore Pasta. Offering you the choice from top vendors specializing in penne and spaghetti, Jumia Food serves up the dinner of your dreams: Fast and tasty, our food reaches you for an affordable price to ensure your first food online order with us won’t be the last one. Curious? For homemade fettuccine Bolognese, Ravioli in butter, and Salmon Cannelloni, look no further than our partners La Salumeria, Osteria, and Under the Radar Restaurant. Working to customize each pasta menu to your wishes, culinary satisfaction and a traditional italian food experience are guaranteed. What, still not enough? Double up and munch away on sweet bakery and cakes desserts, and green salads- it’s that simple! Shout it from the rooftops: “Jumia Food, hello pasta!”

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Shopping for groceries and cooking are a hassle when returning from work at night. To help you out, Jumia Food got your back when pasta cravings set in and food is all you can think about. Thankfully, ordering pasta with as simple as it can get: Provide us with your city, and browse dozens of Italian food restaurants in Nairobi around the corner from your office or home. Next up, choose the treats of your liking and submit your order right away. Finally, expect pasta food delivery within minutes and enjoy! It takes two to tango, so be sure to describe your experiences with Jumia Food by downloading our app today: With dozens of vendors at your fingertips, our five-star rating system allows for maximum transparency when recommending us to friends and family.

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Pasta dishes which will make you speechless await right here. We already gave you plenty of ideas on how to organize your dinners on Jumia Food. Make sure to take full advantage, and to order savory and truly astonishing pasta dishes on Jumia Food now! From cheese to tomato sauce, nothing is impossible with our range of vendors producing home-made pasta dishes exactly the way you always wanted it to be. Give us a shot, and let us know how much you loved your yummy noodles. There's so many things other than food. But isn't it a great place to start?