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Pan Asian cuisine is a very special type of cuisine, it consists of different asian countries cuisines like, Burmese, Singaporean, Vietnamese and other ones. All these cuisines come from Asia, a part of the world highly favoured with rich gastronomic culture and style of cooking as well as ingredients. In many of the Pan Asian cultures, food plays a key role; it is, most times the centerpiece of important social and business meetings, and food is used also as a gift to guest who come visiting. Generally, a full Asian meal most times consists of rice, vegetables and meat or seafood dishes, and in the case a vegetarian is part of the guests, then more boiled and grilled vegetables. Best part is that on Jumia Food Kenya you can get any of this dishes from anywhere and at anywhere. Thanks to the tantalizing sauces, every meal features a strong, great taste.

Southeast Asian Cuisines Available for Home Delivery on Jumia Food

Now you can enjoy all your favorite Asian meals at home, with Jumia Food’s easy ordering process, on our free App or on our website, either way the power to wow your taste board is in your hands. Just tell us your location, choose a restaurant that offers Pan Asian dishes in Nairobi, place your order, and don't forget you can leave a comment telling the chef exactly how you want your order. It takes less than 2 minutes to order for your favourite meals!. What are you waiting for? Order now and enjoy your Pan asian food and do not hesitate to order again!