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Nigeria is a very interesting country, it's interesting because of its rich cultural traits, one of which is their food culture which includes a wide category of foods and delicacies. Nigeria is one of the most industrious countries in Africa, thus their contact with so many other cultures. As a result, Nigeria dishes offer variety of treats to those looking to explore the richness of local cuisine with an international feel. One of the reasons to order Nigerian food online is that the restaurants specialize in many cuisine types, and offer a large menu for you to choose from. In our Nigerian section you are offered meals based on starch, plantain,rice, meat, seafood, beans, yam, ,vegetables and a number of soups . One thing all this resturants have in common is they can be trusted to deliver food prepared to your exact specifications and are safe if you want to try new tastes .Shop through Nigerian restaurants on jumia food for the the best in African cuisine.

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At jumia food, we celebrate variety. What better way to do so than through our fantastic dishes springing from the rich countries with rich flavors and exotic herbs like the Nigerian menu? Our Nigerian restaurants sure know a thing or two about yummy food, which is why we strive to only serve you the best and tastiest Nigerian meals onto your dinner table. Whether it’s a feel-good bowl of colorful coconut rice, spicy chili chicken, or a nourishing plate of steamed bean cakes (“Moi-Moi”) - we got you , your tummy and tongue . Preorder Nigerian food delivery even before the restaurant opens, and you will be surprised at the diversity on offer.