Top Ice Cream Flavours Online

Whenever you want to treat your taste board to a refreshing piece, or during those heated weathers, a tasty ice cream is definitely what you need. You don't need to have a reason to enjoy some ice cream, if you are cold delicious refreshment, ice cream is also a perfect fit.
There is good news for you, now all your ice cream cravings can be satisfied right from the comfort of your living rooms or place of work. you can now order your favourite flavoured ice cream online on Jumia Food and it will be delivered to your doorstep in no time. On our site you get to choose through different ice cream vendors that make and deliver the tastiest/creamiest ice cream available in under an hour of your order.

Buy Different Flavours of Ice Cream on Jumia Food

Jumia Food is Kenya's number one food delivery service, it connects you to numerous world class Ice cream vendors in Kenya. At Jumia Food, you can also find a couple of other food restaurants that sell all types of food in different quantities . You can also buy Local food, Chinese food, Indian food, etc. We have carefully selected the best Ice cream vendors to supply only the best on Jumia Food. You can buy ice cream from leading brands, or just search through for your favourite flavours: Vanilla, Strawberry cream, white chocolate ice cream, etc.