Order Delicious & Sizzling Continental Food in a Few Easy Steps

Continental dishes are mostly meals prepared and consumed in European countries like Australia, Germany, France and United Kingdom. They have their own distinctive taste that makes them local dishes in their own countries and communities but because they are also here in our countries and communities, they are known as continental dishes.

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Enjoy Fast Delivery of Continental Cuisines with Jumia Food

You can now order dishes like Devilled eggs, salted caramel pies, breakfast wraps, pancakes, breakfast burritos, pork spare ribs and more from restaurants like Java House, La Salumeria and Adega Portuguese restaurant and have your food delivered in a jiffy. Enjoy your continental meals with chilled drinks which you can order as well. If you’re also craving other intercontinental dishes like Indian or Chinese meals, you can order and have your meal delivered to your home, or office. Start ordering now.