Best Champagne Brands Online for Your Party!

Get your favorite brand of champagne by simply ordering online using the Jumia Food app or on the website usinng your personal computer, to place your order. Within no time, your choice of Champagne will be delivered at your doorstep. Whether you are planning for a party, an anniversary or you're being spontaneous with your friends, you can now buy online a bottle of Champagne on Jumia Food.

How to Choose and Buy Champagne

Choosing and serving the best type of champagne during the festive season can be a hard task especially if entertaining guests. First, you need to know what Champagne is in order to choose the best type. Like wine, Champagne is a clear alcoholic drink which gets its colour from the fermentation of grapes grown in the Champagne region of France. To differentiate with Sparkling wine, specific rules have to be followed to claim the rights to Champagne. These rules are observed from the vineyard to the secondary fermentation of grapes in a bottle to allow carbonation.

The variations in the sugar content after the second fermentation determines the Champagne variety in taste, smell and colour. The 3 popular types of Champagne available on Jumia Food are:

  • Brut (very dry)
  • Sec (dry)
  • Doux (sweet)