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Some historians have traced the origin of birthday cakes to Germans; according to these historians, cakes were often used by the Germans in the middle Ages to celebrate the birthdays of young people (a celebration they called Kinderfest). Just like chocolates and candies, kids like cakes but then, so do adults. Consumption of cakes has gone beyond wedding or birthday parties. So many kids nowadays would want their moms to include cakes in school lunch boxes, while in so many homes, cakes are found on breakfast tables. There are variety of cakes, from the more traditional ones as offered by Cake City, to chocolate cake, black forest cake, fruitcake and lots more. In the traditional African family setting, food like cakes are often not prepared at home as people would always rely on professional caterers who have better expertise, equipment and experience. If you're thinking about ordering birthday cakes online, Jumia Food has got you covered.

Dozens of Birthday Cakes at your fingertips

As the demands for cake increase on daily basis, the means to get it supplied become more competitive. Wondering how to buy birthday cakes? Jumia Food and its carefully selected number of partner restaurants take away the hassles of going around checking for the best cakes in town. Just from the comfort of your room, office or wherever you’re hanging out in Kenya, visit us via homepage, smartphone, or tablet, and select your location to complete your birthday cakes orders. The delivery is quick, convenient and above all pocket friendly. Check out the list of coffee places that offer cakes and pastries that you can enjoy for breakfast or evening tea. The Bakery places in Nairobi are quite affordable with a variety in their menu. In the other towns such as Mombasa, most restaurants serve sweet delicacies as dessert; these include mahamri, kaimati, amongst others for maximum indulgence and sweet memories.