What is the dream? Pizza delivery Nairobi thanks to Jumia Food for sure!

Sometimes all we crave for is pizza, nothing more, nothing less. Melty cheese, gorgeous toppings, a crispy yet fluffy crust and all delivered at our doorstep whether we are at the office of at home, working or in our sofa in front of the TV. Jumia Food is now is Nairobi and this is a great news! It means Pizza delivery at any time of the day or any day of the week wherever you are from the best restaurants in town. Picture yourself with friends or family or even with your colleagues, a hot and delicious slice of Pizza in your hand…Heaven! Of course, the magic of Jumia Food is that if you rather enjoy a Delivery of Kenyan food , you can! Check out the menu online of one of our restaurants such as All in one and soon you will enjoy some Minji with Ndengu and beans!

Pizza in Nairobi, in your house and soon in your belly thanks to Jumia Food!

One of the best pizza restaurants, Godials Pizza provides you with the classical Margherita, of course, in small and large sizes to suit best your appetite, but also a great number of other choices. The Vegetarian is healthy and full of a variety of vegetables and chesses including baby marrow. Try out their Indiana with Tomato, cheese, minced meat and onions, and their pepperoni with tomato, cheese, ham, and hot salami! In case you are looking for something a bit different chez the Hawaiian pizza recipe with a mixture of ham and pineapple: they combine perfectly! Be courageous and never regret it thanks to the great meal you are about to have!