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The first bowl of pasta was served far away in Italy but when it got to Kenya, it became a firm favorite. Pasta can be enjoyed in so many different ways. There's angel hair, elbow macaroni, farfalle or bow ties, fettucine, fusilli, jumbo shells, linguine, orecchiette, orzo, lasagna and others. All the different types can be enjoyed in so many different ways such as with kinds and cuts of meat and different types of cheese.

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It's not at all difficult to whip up a bowl of pasta or put some lasagna in the oven. However, there is a way that Italians do it that no one else can. The pasta menu of specialized pasta restaurants in Nairobi also long and varied with ingredients like herbs and cheeses that are not easy to find and that make all the difference. Pasta delivery in Nairobi are just the solution and thanks to Jumia Food Kenya, you can get a listing of all the top pasta restaurants in Nairobi. You only decide which type of pasta you are craving, click on a button and wait to say hello to your order in a short time. Osteria, La Salumeria, House of Lasagne, Mambo Italia, Four Cafe & Bistro, Vineyard, Divino and Avalon's Tavern are some of the top restaurants offering pasta delivery in Nairobi. Mdalasini Restaurant located at Heron Portico Restaurant and Brew Bistro & Lounge also offer pasta delivery in Nairobi. If you are on the go, download the Jumia Food Kenya app on your smartphone and you will soon be opening your door to receive your pasta delivery in Nairobi. Or if it's one of those days at the office and you won't be able to make a dash for the pasta that you are craving, take advantage of reliable pasta delivery in Nairobi.