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The best type of meal you could have is one that is familiar and comforting. This is why Jumia Food provides you with the highest-quality Kenyan cuisine from restaurants that offer fresh and tasty Kenyan delicacies . Githeri, Ndengu, beans, Pilau are just some of the many dishes that are available to customers that love Kenyan cuisine , and order through Jumia Food online delivery. You will find on our vendor list some great restaurant names in Nairobi, such as Swahili plate in Ngong road or Visa Place in Upper hill , you will find great other choices too. Know that the chefs are really concerned with preparing the best possible Kenyan food for you.

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Had enough Kenyan food for today? On Jumia Food, you can satisfy your cravings for any type of food you desiret. If you are interested in ordering some cakes and pastries try out our partner vendor Sugarpie Cupcakes where you can find many cupcake flavors such as lavender with acacia honey frosting, red velvet with cream cheese frosting, spiced cardamom with tree tomato frosting, milk chocolate and peanut buttercram, vanilla chai latte and chai buttercream and many more! Another great address is The cravery who provides you with Honey comb cake, black forest, white forest, crunchy orange chocolate surprise, fresh fruit cake, chocolate fudge cake, red velvet, tiramisu cake, or even Pina colada cake. Perfect for birthdays or just to satisfy a sweet craving! For Kenyan food, sweet cakes and more, order Jumia Food today!

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For a while it was believed the preparation of Kenyan cuisine is amongst the most difficult tasks for a restaurant chef: fresh ingredients, original spices, and traditional family recipes all exacerbate the job. On our site, be sure to find only tried and tested Kenyan dishes which will convince you of their superiority right away. Delivered quickly, your food can be shared with friends and is guaranteed to get even the most spontaneously thrown party going. Just in case: Apart from cash payments, most of our restaurants to accept card- for a flexible service and fast order processing wherever you are. Enjoy!