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Treat yourself to healthy foods with Jumia Food!

While we cannot deny our love for a good Pizza, healthy foods certainly are an important part of our daily diets. To ensure our busy bees at Jumia Food remain full of power, dozens of exclusive vendors provide us with fruits, salads, and smoothies on a daily basis. The good news? As dedicated fan, you’re invited to the party! Browse our selection of healthy foods today, and tell friends and family about the service we provide. An apple a day…

Healthy foods wherever, whenever.

Healthy foods are a click away: Convenience is our motto, which is why we made sure ordering food online is fast and easy with Jumia Food. Simply share your address and city code with us, and select from over 16 restaurants offering you only the best Nairobi cuisine can offer you. Freshly pressed fruit juices at Absolute Juice, nutritious apples at Deluxe Fruits? Count us in! Wherever you are and whenever you want a boost of green deliciousness, pay us a visit via website or mobile app. For good experiences and healthy foods, choose us now! (And if you order a burger, we promise to keep it a secret.)

Healthy foods are so much closer than you think.

Since our early days at the company, we are proud to be able to offer you a breathtaking range of healthy foods on our website and mobile application. While it can be a relief for your nerves to go shopping, we know organizing your daily meal in form of cooking simply can often be nothing but a big hassle. Fresh fruits and fruit smoothies are only two of the many healthy foods you will find here, and we hope that many more vendors will complement our offer in the near future.