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A number of cultures have tried to lay claim to the invention of barbecued meat. In 2007, Israeli scientists from the University of Haifa found evidence that those who lived in the region of Carmel 200,000 years were already into preparing meat by barbecuing it. Early Christians were also clearly into barbecuing as illustrated in Leviticus 1 which carries instructions for slaughtering and preparing burnt offerings of bulls, goats, sheep and turtledoves. The most hilarious origins of barbecue story comes from China. In 1822, comic English essay writer Charles Lamb told the story of Bo-bo, a Chinese peasant who accidentally burned down his father's cottage with pigs inside. This is how the delectable smell and then taste of roasted pork was discovered. Bo-bo developed an insatiable appetite for it, leading to a career of arson around the neighbourhood to satisfy the cravings.

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Wherever and however it started, this method of cooking meat found its way to Kenya to become a mainstay. Nyama choma, which is Swahili for roasted meat is the way a lot of Kenyans enjoy their meat over the weekends, often accompanied with a cold beer. There are a number of restaurants in Nairobi with menus offering different types of meat done in different ways. Even if you can buy meat and grill it in your oven, you will not be able to do it the way different cultures do it. You can get a taste of the way Indians do it with their own rubs and marinades at Haandi, Nargis Restaurant and the Minaret and you can also dig into Lebanese barbecue at Cedars Lebanese Restaurant or Sultan Grills. The Turkish also have their way of firing up their grill as they do at Rib I Grillz as do the Brazilians who show how they do it at Pampa Churrascaria. You can get it Kenyan-style at Tulips Food Restaurant, Seven Degrees and Strollers Restaurant. If these are not restaurants that you have heard of, you can use Jumia Food kenya to let your fingers do the walking to order from them. They have a list of these and other top barbecue places that offer barbecue delivery right to your door. You only need to log on to the Jumia Food Kenya website to see the barbecue restaurants in Nairobi, their barbecue menus and you can go on and order barbecue online. When you don't want to interrupt your weekend with a drive through the traffic jam to get a serving from one of the barbecue restaurants in Nairobi, just log on to Jumia Food Kenya, click and it will come to you.