Visa Free Countries for Kenyan Passport Holders in 2019

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In Kenya, Tourism is the second highest source of revenue after agriculture. Kenya is unequivocally the hub of tourism in Africa. But if everyone else is coming to Kenya for its Wildlife and Safari parks, beautiful sunsets, the language, the culture and the food, where are Kenyan’s traveling to?

Ease of entry is one of the top things to consider when people are looking to travel for leisure and adventure. As a result, Nations have come up with policies such as Visa on Arrival or Free Entry for citizens of certain Nations with whom they have a great diplomatic and economic relationship.

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As Kenyans, we ask ourselves, which countries of the world are we best buddies with and allow us entry without the strenuous process of applying for a visa.

While some countries grant a stay indefinitely, others grant a visa free stay 1 month to 1 year.

The list also includes territories that are not recognized as sovereign countries  but maintain a diplomatic relations with other countries.

Kenyan Passport


Antigua and Barbuda 1 Month

Bahamas 3 Months


Benin 90 Days

Botswana 90 Days

Burundi 3 Months

Dominica 21 Days

Swaziland 30 Days

Ethiopia 1 Year

Fiji 4 Months

Gambia 90 Days



Haiti 3 Months

Indonesia 30 Days


Kiribati 30 Days

Lesotho 90 Days

Malawi – 90 Days

Malaysia – 30 Days

Mauritius- 90 Days

Micronesia – 30 Days

Namibia – 90 Days

Panama – 180 Days

Philippines- 30 Days

Rwanda – 6 Months

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Senegal – 90 Days

Singapore- 30 Days

Tanzania – 90 Days

Trinidad and Tobago –


Vanuatu – 30 Days

Zambia – 90 Days

Zimbabwe – 3 Months

Northern Cyprus


South Ossetia


Hong Kong – 90 Days

Cook Islands – 31 Days

Niue – 30 Days

British Virgin Islands

Cayman Islands


Pitcairn Islands



Countries with no period of time after them indicate that you may stay for as long as your passport is valid.

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