Valentine’s Getaway: Why You Need Time Off

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Over Christmas, we feast without much thought of the calories, spend without much thought of tomorrow and play with the children without much thought of age difference. In January, on the contrary, we tend to set a plan on savings, weight and career. For parents, the children go back to school and with that comes much pressure on the wallet. Here are the main reasons as to why planning a valentine’s getaway in February is worth it.

  • REST

First, couples need to take a breather after the December festivities and January catch-up (aka Njaanuary).

Valentines Deals Jacaranda Elementaita Lodge

Valentines Deals Jacaranda Elementaita Lodge

We therefore highly recommend Jacaranda Lake Elementaita Lodge for a restful valentine’s getaway. The lodge is just ideal to recuperate as it is set on the shores of Lake Elementaita. From the room, which is tastefully furnished, you will wake up to the views of the pelicans and flamingos dotting the lake. Thereafter breakfast you can both enjoy a nature walk as the 400 bird species chirp all around you.

  • FUN

Secondly, a valentine’s getaway for a few days enables you to spend fun time with your spouse, learn each other’s hobbies, play team work during the trip and take awesome pictures.

AA Amboseli Lodge

A great place to have a fun filled trip is at the AA Lodge Amboseli . Take advantage of the Jumia Travel safari package that includes a knowledgeable driver and transportation to and from Nairobi. So as to explore Amboseli without rushing through, the package offers 2 game drives. In order to create lasting memories, do not forget to carry a fully charged camera and take pictures with the Kilimanjaro as a backdrop. To sparkle the romance, request to dine under the stars or to barbecue by the pool during your stay at the lodge.


Lastly, a valentine’s getaway for a weekend is a great excuse to switch off your phones, tablets and any electronic device that has pop-up notifications.

Valentines Deals_Naiberi

Valentines Deals_Naiberi Campsite

Naiberi River Campsite And Resort is the spot to help you getaway from the internet world. Disconnect from your devices and discover the art of conversation as a couple as there isn’t internet connection. The camp is located in a serene environment and equipped with modern facilities such as hot shower and WCs. Partake in the wide range of activities from guided nature walks to dining in a stone cave. Try paragliding together in the Kerio Valley, since it is a short 1-hour drive away from the camp.

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