Travel More, Pay Less in 2018

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Every January comes with a sense of a new beginning, a fresh start, a clean slate. This wave of hope makes us believe we can achieve the goals that we didn’t the previous year such as to travel more. However,  just like promises, new year’s resolutions are made to be broken. Nonetheless we at Jumia Travel sat and wrote down our goals for this year of which one is to help our customers travel more at pocket-friendly budgets around Kenya.

Watch us destroy your 2017 excuse that you should be rich to travel more!

  1. Plan your Annual Travel Calendar

Plan your 2018 travel calendar so that you can combine the public holidays with leave days hence having more days to travel. Did you know that in Kenya, 8 months in 2018 have at least 1 public holiday close to the weekend?

Holiday Monthly Planner

Planning will also help you to travel off-season or counter traffic when the airports and bus stations are less chaotic, the highways are clear, and you have nearly the whole hotel or beach to yourself.

  1. Choose Your Destination in Advance

Kenyans are a last-minute people even though such a trend works contradictory to the resolution of travelling more. Choose your destination and book your accommodation at least 2 months in advance to get the best hotel deals.

Before you decide on the destination, know what you’re looking for, which activity is best suited for your family and most importantly, if the place is wallet friendly. For instance, if you intend to do game viewing, choose a park, sanctuary, or animal orphanage near your city of residence.

Read more about Game Reserves and Marine Parks in Kenya.

  1. Find Those Amazing Flight Deals

In choosing your destination 2 to 3 months prior your travel date, you will find lots of early bird flight offers particularly to the Coast, Lake Turkana and Eldoret .


If flying international, take advantage of layovers and be flexible with dates such as travelling mid-week. Friday to Monday tend to be the most expensive days to fly.

  1. Take Advantage of Public Transport

Just because you don’t have a car or friends you can carpool with shouldn’t be a hinderance from going places. You’ll be amazed on the money saving deals by boarding a bus across East Africa or taking the all new Madaraka Express train to the coast.

Once you’ve alighted, go local by using the tuk-tuk (3-wheel taxis) or boda boda (2-wheel taxis) to virtually visit anywhere.

  1. Have a Mini-Adventure!

Limit your budget by choosing to stay in 3-star accommodations which tend to offer the best value for money. Full Board option is the best if visiting a National Park whereas B&B if you’re touring a city. When travelling around with your family, choose a villa or an apartment and don’t forget to request for a cook. For the adventurous travellers, try-out camping with your group of friends.

Travel Wanderlust

Vacation packages and day trips are budget-friendly for couples as they include transportation, a knowledgeable driver, and budget accommodation. You can now forego a guide with Jumia Travel’s online destination guide which is very resourceful for travellers.

Do you have any more tips that will help you travel more in 2018?

1 Comment

  1. Sophia Rivera

    January 25, 2018 at 5:11 am

    Very interesting strategy to follow! Traveling is one of the most amazing things that you can do to relieve stress. I’m planning to tour East Africa next year and I’m sure all these tips are definitely going to help me there! Looking forward to visiting more such articles in the future!

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