Things we Did Together “We fight on what time we should travel as a couple”

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Travelling as a couple can be the epitome of fun but also create tension due to personality conflict. Jumia Travel interviewed a young couple, Walter & Winnie, about their travel destinations in Kenya.

What is ‘Things we did together’ all about?

travel destinations nyahururu

Nyahururu Thompson Falls

We are a young married couple, sweethearts, willing to share with Kenyans and the whole world the different travel destinations we go for our explorations, the fun things we get to do and how much it costs us. We also get to learn from other people on the same through their experiences. The best part is that there’s nothing like exploring the world with someone you love.

How and when did you decide to start the blog?

travel destinations ngong

Lounging at Savannah Sunset Village Resort

Whenever we travelled to sight see different places, we would post it on social media then people would get curious and ask where it was, how to get there, when to go. They would actually try to find out as much as possible about our travel destinations in order to visit the place themselves.

Then we thought, “why not start a blog?” This idea came on Valentines day 2016 as a result of taking a random trip to Nanyuki. So we then decided to share with our followers about the places we visit, our experience, the challenges and the cost. 

What motivated you to keep blogging?

The more we kept sharing, the more we got referrals on places we could go to and this got us exclusive access as well as information about particular touristic sights. It was a win-win situation because we could encourage local tourism to places that are not known of.

Of all the travel destinations, what has been your favourite?

Travelling together, we have been to all the major cities in Kenya and 15 towns and 1 other country, Germany.

In Kenya, our favourite travel destinations are Samburu for the game drives, Mombasa for the history and Lake Olobolosat for the serenity. They have hidden gems and there is also much to see and do in close proximity.

What has been your greatest travel fight?

travel destinations limuru gardens

Water gun fight

Travelling time. From our personalities, we work on different timelines. Winnie is a morning person and so she enjoys travelling early in the morning while I am more of an evening person.

Yeah…for Walter, travelling at night is his cup of tea. So I don’t get what you can see at night let alone visit.

Well then, how do you settle the disagreement?

We settled on a neutral solution where if we travel during the day for one way, next time we travel in the evening. Activities we do mid-morning through early afternoon.

Any recommendations for 1st time tourist who wants to tour across Kenya?

As soon as they land at JKIA, first travel destinations should be Nairobi and vicinity – Machakos, Thika. Nairobi being the only capital city with a national park, it caters for all travellers, tastes and budgets. So they can do game-drives, visit cultural and historical sites. They can also enjoy the variety in architecture and lifestyle of Nairobians. For the city we advise 1st time tourists to travel in public means or taxi as it’s safer and also to avoid the chaotic matatus.

For travel destinations out of Nairobi, we would recommend by car for ease of movement to specific sites, security and also to save on time. Off-peak season, that is, the first quarter of the year, is the ideal time to travel. Reason being, they get to save a lot as a result of hotel deals and less fees.

We really enjoyed your posts on WE WENT GLAMPING and WE EXPLORED THE VALLEY, but then silence…

The last six months have been hectic, I travelled out of the country for work, school for Winnie and also planning our big day, which was in December.

What should we expect to read in 2017?

travel destinations elgon

Mount Elgon Hike

Now that we’ve tied the knot, (yay!) you’ll watch on our YouTube channel stories of great explorations. We plan on travelling around Kenya first as there is so much you can do and see in our country. We will choose certain travel destinations while working with different budgets and then we will try out of Kenya much later in the year.


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