Travel Apps can Solve These 10 Problems Now

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Travel apps are godsend to simplify the planning process and more. Mobile applications also enhance your trip so you can relax and enjoy the experience. Here are 10 traveller problems whose solutions are a mobile app away.

  1. Find a flight

Features of such travel apps include price comparison and flight search ability. Some advanced applications, such as Hipmunk, give you an insight into the number of stops as well as the duration of a flight.  Another outstanding flight finder is Google Flights, a web app that lists flight options from thousands of both domestic and international airlines. This app also predicts future price changes. Skyscanner too has this feature, and once you find a flight that fits your budget and travel time, a link leads you to the booking platform.  Flight finder travel apps also let you search for a lounge when you have some time to relax in between flights.

  1. Book a hotel online

Scour the internet for hotels in your preferred destination, hotel deals as well as hotel reviews. It is even better if you can find an app that combines the search for flights and hotels, and leads you to the booking platform such as Jumia Travel.

  1. Find free WiFi

Download a free Wi-Fi search app when you need to find an open network, mainly in major cities around the world.

  1. Multiple itineraries

Consolidate your travel plans into one itinerary.  If you have several forthcoming trips and you have no idea how you will organise all the booking confirmations in your inbox, an app can do that for you. Some applications such as TripIt analyse all the confirmations and other trip details in your email and create an itinerary for you.

  1. What to pack

To pack light for your safari, get a packing checklist. You don’t have to list everything down on paper when you have a smartphone. Download a travel app that creates a practical checklist. Fill your destination, duration of the safari as well as whether it is a business, leisure or other trip to generate a checklist. Some travel apps also list items not allowed in some airports/countries so you know what should not be in your suitcase.

  1. Money management

Over expenditure is a major pitfall in any trip. Track your expenses easily using e-receipts or pictures of the receipt.

  1. How to travel with your pet

Find pet friendly hotels, restaurants, and other recreational spots.  Such apps also filter the results by distance and price.

  1. What’s the weather like?

Find out whether it will be sunny, humid, cold, or wet before you travel. The weather determines what you need to pack especially when visiting another city or country. For instance, the slopes of Mount Kenya are colder than the coastal towns of Mombasa and Malindi. Some weather apps send alerts regularly.

  1. Get directions promptly

Get a navigation app to find your way around a city or town. Such apps act as a virtual guide and they can help you find attractions near your hotel as well as taxis or public transport systems. Some navigation apps also create a virtual route you can use when hiking or trekking. An app that saves your maps for access offline is even better for your trip to the countryside.

  1. Share the experience online

Geotag your photos and videos and share them with your family from the first day of your trip. You can also upload your images and videos on virtual storage daily to free up space in your camera.

  1. Translate a language

A language barrier should not stop you from exploring other countries and regions. Find an online translator and you won’t have to hire one or carry a guide book. Google translate is perhaps the most popular language translation app.

  1. Currency exchange rates

Compare the world’s top currencies from your smartphone using the current rates.

These are some of the main situations that require travel apps.



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