Road Trip: Top Easter Holiday Destinations

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Easter Holiday is the next most preferred vacation time after Christmas. Whether you’re travelling with your thrill-seeker spouse, or looking for a fun-filled place for the kids the hunt for Easter holiday deals is on.

Easter Holiday Destination Infographic

Top Things to Do

  1. Game Drive

Children enjoy driving around and learning the animal names they see. Occasional stops so as to see the majestic Chania falls at Aberdare National Park or the flamingoes on Lake Nakuru is a treat.

  1. Camping

Shimba Hills, the largest coastal forest, has a camping site with views of the Ocean.

  1. Boat Riding

Lakes Elementaita and Naivasha are a short drive away from Nairobi. An evening boat ride to watch the sun set is quite the romantic setting.

  1. Nature Walks

With an experienced guide, take a nature walk on Rusinga Island to get experience the flora and fauna up close.

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Easter Holiday Travel Tricks

  1. Road Trip Essentials

Before travelling, ensure your car has been serviced and everything is in good condition. Don’t forget snacks and drinking water not to mention a good playlist that suits to all passengers’ tastes.

  1. Plan all the fun places you wish to visit

Going overboard on touristic destinations can be avoided if you draft an itinerary. Ensure you slot in time for rest, washroom breaks and smelling flowers.

  1. Relax

The essence of a 4-day Easter holiday is to relax. Choose activities that maximize family bonding time. If travelling with friends, don’t try to do every single thing.

  1. Unplug

Mastering the work-life balance is a daunting task yet the most rewarding. Easter holiday is the time to getaway in order to recharge and refocus.

  1. Pre-pay

Paying in advance makes you feel like everything is free during the trip. You’re also able to control your budget during your Easter holiday trip. Pay in advance for your accommodation so that you focus on the experience rather than on the cost.  Enjoy the last of Easter deals at an additional 30% discount only on Jumia Travel.


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