Top 6 Hotels for Nairobi Burger Festival 2018

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burger  a day, keeps the weighing scale away. The Nairobi Burger Festival is back for the 3rd season with more restaurants on the 2018 list.

Ascribe yourself to a burger diet all week with your friends, colleagues, and why not with your parents as well!

With over 100 restaurants participating in the 2018 Nairobi Burger Festival, it’s easy to go back to the same restaurants to eat the same burgers. But the life of an aspiring foodie is one of adventure.

So here is a short list of Jumia Travel’s Hotel partners in Westlands with juicy burgers on their menu.

1.    Mövenpick Hotel

The new 5-star hotel in Westlands is the spot to hangout with your colleagues for the 2018 Nairobi Burger Festival. Baluba Restaurant offers only three burger options on the menu at very affordable options. For a quick lunch, you won’t waste much time trying to choose.

2.    Bidwood Suites

Ventana Restaurant Burger Meal

Ladies purses out! It’s time to treat the gentleman in your life by paying for dinner during the Burger Festival 2018! Ventana Restaurant creates the perfect burger with extra patty, so you can dig into his plate unashamedly. Don’t forget to order a bottle of red wine to down that Mammoth Burger that has eggs and bacon.

3.    The King Post Apartments

Tough conversations with parents can only be held around a burger meal. This Condo Hotel in a prime area of Westlands, Rhapta Road, leaves nothing to chance. Folks, knives and napkins are all set at the Tavern Restaurant. Call in advance to reserve your seats, ask for chef’s recommendations, or give special diet requirements. Arrive earlier and don’t let your dad pay!

4.    ParkInn by Radisson

Live-Inn at ParkInn by Radisson

The place to see and be seen with your kid is the Live-Inn. Combine a burger meal and a brunch on Sunday where they have kids-friendly meals. If you can’t make it for the brunch, enjoy a barbecue on the terrace where food is freshly grilled.

5.    Ibis Styles

Most likely towards the end of the Burger Festival 2018 you’ll have an appetite larger than your wallet. Nonetheless, with your pals who enjoy hearty conversations with their mouths full, you can still have a burger at Utamu Restaurant.

This casual restaurant in Westlands, has shoestring budget-friendly options on the menu. Order a burger that requires both hands to be held in place and needs all 32 teeth to take a bite; without burning a hole in your wallet.

The Nairobi Burger Festival is running from 27th July to 5th August 2018. If you’re too busy to go to the restaurant, you can order online on Jumia Food and have it delivered to your home or office. Check out the Burger Festival offers by Java, ArtCaffe, Urban Gourmet Burger and Big Squre chains of restaurants.

Find a good restaurant near me and order food online!

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