The Parks Less Travelled in Kenya

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Of the many options available for a getaway in Kenya, the coast always tops the list followed by the Rift Valley. Time to face it though; you take a holiday to avoid traffic, embrace the silence and get lost in the wide vistas. A turn to the north of Malindi or further on from Thika is rich in wildlife and exquisite attractions.

If you are the adventurous type and prefer the wildlife encounters without the crowds, time to go remote in these three National Parks in Kenya.

1.      South Kitui National Reserve

The South Kitui Reserve is a haven of silence and open views from the two hills; Kiothowa and the Umbi. Leopards, black rhino, zebra, waterbuck, dik-diks, gazelle, gerenuk, gemsbok, primates, lions and elephants migrate here often from Tsavo East therefore providing better game viewing experience.

Kitui Town has a few budget options but you can rough it up as well by camping in the designated areas in the park.

2.      Arawale National Reserve

From South Kitui, you can easily venture into Arawale; home to Hirola, endemic to Garissa and Somalia. Other endangered species in this park are Gravy Zebra, African Wild Dog and Cheetah. Moreover, the African Bush Elephant has been sighted at Arawale. Bordered by the banks of Tana River, expect to see buffalo, hippo, and crocodile.

Almond Resort Garissa

Garissa Town is only 77 km away if you wish to stay in the luxury Almond Resort instead of camping under the stars in Arawale Reserve.

3.      Tana River Primate Reserve

40km downstream of Arawale is the Tana River Reserve. Established to protect the endangered Tana River Forest and two endangered primates – Crested Mangabey and the Tana River Colobus. More than half of the reserve is on a floodplain and as such prime for water sports.

Delta Dunes Lodge

At the delta of the Tana River is the most exclusive lodge build on sand dunes with incredible ocean views; Delta Dunes Lodge.

Remember, itineraries are completely customizable to your interests and budget – consider them to be inspiration rather than absolute!

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