See You, Cupid! St. Valentine’s Day for Singles

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In February, the big question is usually if you can be single and be the life of your own St. Valentine’s without bouncing into the cuddling couples. The search ends here where you can have some ideas on how to blow up your pay cheque on yourself and anyone else not buying his or her gift.

  1. Dress to Impress

Buy that blue dress you’ve been eyeing at Yaya Centre or the 3-piece Italian suit you marked at CBD. There is no need to wait for a great discount that will significantly reduce the price. Don’t forget to get matching jewellery and shoes. And since St. Valentine’s is on a weekday, you can gladly wear it to your workplace and enjoy the attention.

  1. Flowers and Chocolates

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Single ladies, buy a card and chocolates from any of the supermarkets around then walk to one of the florists and choose your favourite bouquet. You can then have them delivered to your office and if anyone asks who is the lucky person, just say “the only person that loves me for who I am”.

  1. Give back

Do groceries shopping, from vegetables to cleaning detergents, and visit that friend who has had it rough for a while. The amount of warmth and love you will receive will last you for months. You will also share a home cooked meal and great companionship. Parents and long lost relatives will also appreciate a knock on the door but be sure to call first.

  1. Babysit

If you’re an uncle or an aunt, then relieve your sibling of parental duties on the weekend and volunteer to babysit on St. Valentine’s weekend. You can play the cool parent by taking the children to Panari Hotel for ice skating. Of course you will need to later feast on their favourite meal of Chips and sausage accompanied with soda. To finish off the afternoon, order for large bowls of ice cream and they will remember you for the rest of their lives.

  1. Explore
Group Hiking

Group Hiking

This is the best time to acquire a new hobby by doing that one thing you’ve been postponing on. You can start that serious work out at Clarion Hotel’s gym or take a short trip to Nanyuki on your own. Dare yourself to jump off a plane in Diani or hike the Aberdares with a group of strangers

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