Sports Tourism in Kenya: What to Do & Where to Go

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Kenya has an endless list of world record holders who represent the country in sporting events around the globe. Some household names in the track and field events, both past and present, are David Rudisha, Paul Tergat, Pamela Jelimo and Janet Jepkosgei. Sports tourism in Kenya opens up the high altitude regions like Eldoret for marathoners, the sandy shores for unforgettable sky diving safaris, and the rugged plains of the Rift Valley for rock climbing experiences to last a lifetime.

Sports Events in Kenya

Annual events both on and off the track have also contributed to the growth of sports tourism in Kenya. Visitors pour in to take part in marathons and mountain climbing expeditions among other sports activities. Here are a few of the most popular events on the Kenyan sports calendar.

  • Lewa Marathon – June

This annual marathon is one of the greatest marathons in Kenya. Proceeds from this event support conservation and community projects. The thrill of this marathon is running in the plains with wildlife browsing and grazing along the trail.

Lewa Marathon

Lewa Marathon.

  • Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon – October

Participants race along the streets of Nairobi on a Sunday morning, to support the Seeing is Believing sight restoration initiative.

  • First Lady’s Half Marathon – March

The Beyond Zero campaign, overseen by Kenya’s present First Lady, hosts an annual half marathon to support the programme.

  • Safari Sevens

Rugby has put Kenya on the world’s sporting map, and you can interact with this sport’s fans during the Safari Sevens.

The KCB Rugby Club in action.

The KCB Rugby Club in action.

  • Camel Derby

Explore the northern plains of Kenya during the annual camel derby in Maralal. Learn about nomadic communities, race along the dry plains on a camel and experience the culture of pastoralists.

  • Ndakaini Half Marathon – September

This marathon is another of the sports events organised to conserve the country’s natural resources. Ndakaini Half Marathon is annual event that raises awareness about Ndakaini, one of the main water reservoirs for the Nairobi metropolis.

Best Sports Destinations in Kenya

When looking for a holiday destination in Kenya, think about the sports activities you expect to find. For example, a mountain climbing excursion will take you to Mount Kenya region while a deep-sea fishing safari will take you to the serene beaches of Watamu. If you are anxious to take on rapids in a whitewater rafting adventure, head to Sagana. Alternatively, if you just want to cruise desert, look for Chalbi Desert tours. Sports tourism in Kenya presents a wealth of safari ideas.


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