3 Exciting Places to Visit in Watamu

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Watamu is not one of the largest towns in Kenya, but it is a tropical paradise with the perfect weather and the most fascinating attractions in and around it. Here are three most interesting places to visit in Watamu.

  • Ruins of Gedi

The mysterious but enchanting Ruins of Gedi hold the secrets of a village that thrived in the 13th and 14th Century. Situated about 5km from Watamu, this city is one of the main attractions to visit while in Watamu and Malindi.

The ancient towns growth is attributed to migration of more people from other parts of the coast, which increased the town’s wealth, evident in the number of mosques, and its resplendent palace.

The ruins of this ancient town are surrounded by a tropical forest. Among the things to see are the remains of houses made of coral bricks, a palace and a mosque. Some of the items found in the ruins include vases from the Ming dynasty.

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Several factors may have led to the locals abandoning the city. One of the reasons cited is hostility from neighbours, the Wazimba raid as well as a reduced supply of water. The Ruins of Gedi is one of the historic sites that has attracted the most archaeological studies. This attraction is under the National Museums of Kenya, and the forest around the ruins was an important site for traditional rituals.

  • Marafa Depression – Hell’s Kitchen

This magnificent canyon is situated about half an hour’s drive from Malindi. This attraction is called Hell’s Kitchen for the high temperatures that can reach 50 degrees during the day. One of the mythical stories used to explain the history of Marafa Depression is that the ancient town’s residents were asked to leave the area, but one woman resisted and when the region collapsed, it caved in with her.

  • Watamu Marine National Park & Reserve

Explore the rich aquatic life to see different species of fish, turtles and dugongs. Activities to enjoy in this marine park include snorkelling, water skiing and windsurfing. One of the most thrilling experiences is viewing the underworld from a glass-bottomed boat.

Additionally, the pristine beaches are other places to visit in Watamu. For this unforgettable safari, stay in an oceanfront resort such as Watamu Beach Apartment and Twiga Beach Resort and Spa, and Ocean Sports Resort.


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