Must Have Kenyan Breakfasts for Tourists

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You’ve heard of the English Breakfast, and the American Breakfast. Thousands of restaurants around the world have these on their menu, with even more recipe books with instructions on how to prepare the perfect English breakfast.

What what does the Kenyan breakfast consist of? What meals should foreigners and tourist have for breakfast when on their journey of the Kenyan experience?

Here are some of the most popular Kenyan dishes had for breakfast in homes and restaurants around the country. When visiting you should definitely try these and give your palate a treat.

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Vibibi are pancakes that are made from a rice and coconut batter. Vibibi are the go to if you are looking to have a light Kenyan breakfast. Usually, the batter is prepared from the night before but you can use ready made rice flour if you didn’t get to soak the rice overnight.


Mukimo is a traditional Kenyan meal originated from communities living around the Mount Kenya region and is made by mashing potatoes and green vegetables. The meal may also include maize and beas, depending on the inclination of who prepares it. While it can be eaten on it’s own, it serves as an accompaniment for meat based stew.


Chapati is a type of flat bread that originated in India but has become a Kenyan favorite and staple over the years since being introduced into the country decades ago by immigrants. Chapati can be served with stew, vegetables, meat or eaten on its own.


Ugali is a type of cornmeal porridge that is popular all over Africa but with slight variations from region to region. It is also known as Nsima or Pap in Kenya. It is made from flours of millet, corn, sorghum and sometimes mixed with cassava flour. It is made by cooking it in boiling water until it achieves a thick consistency. Can be eaten with vegetables.


Nduma is a delicacy from the Gikuyu people made from Arrowroots. Nduma is touted as having lots of healt benefits. Nduma is usually prepared boiled but can also be made fried. Boiled or fried Nduma can be eaten with tea, coffee, porridge or juice.


Uji is made from dried maize, millet or sorghum made wet with water and left to ferment for a couple of days. It is easy to prepare which makes it a good choice for breakfast. Milk and sugar is often added to the broth for taste.


Mahamri are traditional Swahili doughnuts especially popular in the coastal region of Kenya. Puffy and golden brown, these triangular doughnuts are made with coconut milk and spiced with cardamom. Often eaten alongside pigeon peas, mahamri are great treats to make for family gatherings or to enjoy at breakfast along with a cup of chai or coffee.

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