Mothers Day: Perfect Gift Ideas

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“If at first you don’t succeed, try doing it the way mom told you to in the beginning.”

– Unknown

It’s that time of the year when we get to appreciate our mothers. This year, we are purposing to making our mothers feel special. That long Facebook message or bunch of photos on your Instagram post does not suffice anymore; treat her to an experience that will last forever! Here are four of our suggestions on how to do it right this Mothers Day.

1. Go for a Picnic

If there is something I’m sure mother’s love, is seeing their kids gathered together, laughing and enjoying a meal. Re-create your Sunday afternoons with mum this Mothers Day by redoing those Uhuru Park after church visits. Do the boat rides, face painting, buy her flowers, and even balloons.

Make this idea golden by recreating the Uhuru Park photos you took as kids. Yes! Even the ones where you are surrounding Moi’s staff and the ones all of you are touching the top of KICC! Don’t forget to do the cool, yet shady poses.

Food: Don’t worry. Jumia Food will deliver your mum’s best African Cuisine from select restaurants in Nairobi in less than an hour.

Why your mum will love it: This idea will bring her kids together and remind her of the times when you were growing up. Sure way to put a smile on her face.

Family fun day at Uhuru Park

2. Buy Her a Thoughtful Gift

Its 2018! We are just not doing the chiche wine and roses for our mothers again. This year, put some thought into your gift. We suggest you get your mum a Feet Massage Pad for those days she just wants to read her book by the fireplace and relax but her kids or grandkids are not around to massage her feet. It’s a gift that literally won’t break your bank but will go a long way.

Why your mum will love it: Every mother loves a massage!

3. Watch Supa Modo!

Anyone who has been to the screening of Supa Modo will attest to the magic that this show is. Voted as the most watched movie at the Nairobi Film Festival 2018, Supa Modo also received the Children’s Jury Special Mention at the 2018 Berlin International Film Festival.

Supa Modo, translates to Super Person; already telling you why we should treat the super people in our lives by taking them see to this movie. This beautifully told story by Kenyans for Kenyans, will take you through the motions in every magical way possible. Its setting, plus cast, has this way of tellling a story in a way that will resoate with most Kenyan households. It will also remind you of your early childhood days, so drag your siblings along too. Supa Modo is currently showing at the Prestige Cinema in Nairobi.

Why your mum will love it: She will laugh, yes, she will cry too, but she will leave the cinema with a full heart.


Image courtesy of One Day Films

4. Buy Her An Apartment

I know, I know… but hear me out first. Every mother, more so Kenyan mothers, love getting some little money on the side. I’m not saying buy her an apartment for her to live in; buy her an apartment which she will rent out and receive that cheque at the end of every month.
Wondering where the best apartments are? Check out Jumia House for a variety of apartments around town.

Why your mum will love it: You already know she will 🙂

Happy Mothers Day to All Mothers
We love you ♥




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