Maralal Camel Derby 2018 Festival

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Maralal Camel Derby 2018 is more than a camel race that should end up in every Kenyan bucket list. A road trip to Northern Kenya is just more than an adventure. Crossing the cool temperatures of the Aberdare Ranges into the oven hot climate by road is a 360km journey you can’t afford not to take pictures of.

Maralal Town, a small-town east of Loroghi Plateau, has been hosting the Camel Derby festival for nearly three decades. As such, the Samburu County Government seeks to promote other attractions besides the National Parks each year.

Sports Tourism

Given the main event at Maralal Camel Derby 2018 is camel racing, sports tourism tops in Samburu County during the festival. Each participant pays a fee to compete in the camel race.

Whereas the professionals handle it well, amateurs always have a hard time as some tend to race in the opposite direction. A spectacle that tends to give the locals a good laugh! It is no wonder that this international festival attracts thousands of participants in camel racing.

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Cultural Tourism

Samburu County is an embodiment of colourful cultures where the main economic activity is livestock keeping. Visitors to Maralal Derby will enjoy watching various presentations from Pokots, the Boranas, Samburus, the Turkanas, and Rendiles. From the fashion sense in the beadwork to home accessories, you will leave the festival with a bagful of souvenirs.

Samburu Women in Traditional Jewelry

For last-minute festival attendees who wouldn’t have gotten a place to stay, most Maralal Town Residents will have turned their homes into guesthouses. What better way to be immersed in a culture than to live with residents?

Sustainable Tourism

Discover scenic wild in the Maralal National Sanctuary and get to connect with nature by hiking. Enjoy camping in the wild with your own camping gear at Samburu National Reserve or go on a game drive to see the various wildlife. Beyond Maralal lies extensive arid savannahs that lead to the spectacular Loroghi Hills.

To fully experience Maralal Camel Derby 2018 Festival, book Jumia Travel’s Package at an affordable rate of Ksh. 16200 which includes accommodation, transportation and meals.

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