Lerruat Log Resort – 5 Reasons to Love Kajiado

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What comes into mind when you hear of a trip to Kajiado Town? Pack extra sunscreen? Carry a sun hat and biker sunglasses? Though very near to Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, Kajiado is often overlooked by the local tourists. However, once you take the 90-minute road trip to Lerruat Log resort, you will always find an excuse to drive up there.

Here are 5 reasons to skip Naivasha or Elementaita and head over to Lerruat for a weekend getaway.

  1. The Meat Experience

Carnivores would know Kajiado is the home of the Kenyan delicacy – Nyama Choma. Thanks to the thousands of livestock owned by the local communities, Lerruat Log resort has a fresh supply of juicy steaks. If you would like a top cut or a T-bone, just order from any of the two onsite restaurants.

Lerruat Food Service

The best part is that they have a kids’ menu so no need to fret about a family road trip.

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  1. The Maasai Cultural Experience

On your way to or from Lerruat, you won’t miss the flamboyantly dressed Maasai ladies. They are adorned with brightly-coloured shukas and bead jewellery on the foreheads and necks. The Maasai sandals are also worth staring at.

If you are lucky, you might chance upon a crowd on their way to a traditional Maasai wedding in their full regalia.

  1. The Wild Life Experience

No other county rivals Kajiado in terms of fauna and flora. A short two-hour drive from Lerruat Resort, you’ll get to Lake Magadi, a 104-sq.km soda lake. The rainbow colours of the lake comes from the flamingoes and pelicans which feed and nest on the shores of the lake.

Other wild areas to venture to not far from Lerruat include Shompole Conservancy, Lake Natron and trekking the Nguruman escarpment.

  1. The Backdrop Experience

The Nairobi hustle and bustle wears down the body and spirit. As such a trip to Lerruat can rejuvenate your mind. The design of the resort incorporates nature by use of blue gum wood with a nature trail for an early morning walk. Atop the famous Ebendera hill, you awake to a giant ball of unobscured sunshine, singing birds and a breeze that harmonizes the soul. The sunset lounge area is definitely the place to be with your chilled drink and no phone in hand.

Sunset Lounge Lerruat Resort

If you are a photographer, throw in the towel coz you won’t capture the beauty as the eye sees it.

  1. The Fun Experience

Granted travelling with your children for an entire weekend can be daunting. Not so at Lerruat Resort, with the quad bikes, a playground, camping area and an upcoming pool, your kids will enjoy their day.

The massage parlour is one way to relieve your body of the aches from sitting in the notorious Nairobi traffic.

Entrance to Lerruat

Will you give Lerruat Resort in Kajiado town a chance?


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