Out of Town: All Roads Lead to Lamu Art Festival

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Time to hop on the plane and head to the Lamu Art Festival! For the fourth consecutive year, the Lamu county has opened its harbours to painters and photographers so as to tell the story of the town from February 17th to 19th 2017 through visual arts.

Discover Lamu

Lamu, a UNESCO World Heritage, is the oldest inhabited city in Kenya. Between the 17th and 19th Centuries, Lamu emerged to be the centre for politics, trade and arts and crafts. Poetry thrived during this Golden Age thus attracting Arab scholars.

The works of literature have defied time, wars, invasions and colonialism at the Lamu Fort library. Since the  fort will be the exhibition centre to 30 African and European artists during the Lamu Art Festival, you’ll therefore have a chance to visit the 300-year old building.

Meet the Artists

Here are some of the artists that have been around Manda Island and Shela for 3 weeks for the Lamu Painters Festival in order to be inspired by the picturesque fishermen’s village.

  • Joachim Sauter (GERMANY) was the founder of the Lamu Painters Festival so that he could merge his love for the town and art. He he has been residing for over a decade in Shela where he has a studio. With perfected skill, he chisels his way through the African mahogany to showcase mesmerising sculpted pieces.
Joachim Sauter Lamu Art Festival

Joachim Sauter Sculpting

  • Nadia Wanjiru (KENYA) describes herself as Nubian Queen of East Africa. This young artist who lost her hearing quite early, effortlessly uses charcoal on paper to bring out heavy contrast. She’s also a master of acrylic for more abstract work. At the 2017 Lamu Art Festival, she’ll be trying out oil paintings while working with children.
Nadia Wanjiru Lamu Art Festival

Baobab Tree Charcoal on Canvas

  • Fitsum Berhe Woldebianos (ERITREA) will have you hypnotised by the architectural designs of the human portraits, the deeper hues on the face and the broad strokes of the brush to depict emotion.
Fitsum Berhe Lamu Art Festival

Fitsum, Mosaic, Acrylic on canvas

  • James Njoroge (KENYA) caught our eye by the way he uses collage to point a finger at his surroundings. His work is a collection of places, memories and experiences juxtaposed into one fascinating piece of art.
James Njoroge Lamu Art Festival

James Njoroge Madukani:Wiyoni, Collage

Move to the Music

The concert will be held at Lamu Town Square on Friday 17th February evening. On Saturday, you certainly do not want to miss the Sunset Sail Concert as it costs Ksh.500 only. In addition, you will sail on a dhow as the music plays. Some of the musicians that will be there are:

Idd Aziz who will be releasing the Swahili music video that was filmed in Lamu in 2016.

Labdi Ommes an instrumentalist and vocalist that creates a beautiful fusion of jazz and soul music.

2 bands; Kaya Collective who are specialists of improvisation and Abakisimba that comprises of 14 poets, dancers, musicians and percussionists.

Where to Sleep

Since the after party of Lamu Art Festival will be at Manda Island, book now at Diamond Beach Village and you won’t have to worry about getting the last boat home. The hotel has a tree house which accommodates up to 4 guests with a view of the ocean where you can stay here with your artistic friends.

Alternatively, reserve a hotel in Lamu town where there is a wide range of accommodation from budget houses to beachfront villas.

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