Elementaita – Top Destination for the Gram

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Nairobi residents are forever in search of weekend escapes that haven’t been trampled to death by the masses. As such, Lake Elementaita remains a wonderful destination for the Instagram stories. Over the course of the last few years, Lake Elementaita has started to shed its rough image, giving nearby Naivasha a run for its tourism shillings.


Lake Elementaita Nature Trail

Albeit being a shallower lake, natural beauty abounds creating a wonderful background for vloggers, especially couples. The sleeping Moran, the adjacent hills, and a nature trail to the hot springs provide an exemplary exercise for hikers and bikers.


However, for such a secluded spot, it is easy to assume that the accommodation around the lake are either over the top luxurious lodges or eco-friendly budget camps. Pelican Lodge offers the best of both worlds.

Pelican Lodge Cottages

The cottages at Pelican Lodge blend in perfectly with the surrounding acacia trees and savannah vegetation. Furthermore, they’ve all been set around the lake offering a panoramic view at sunrise.

Pelican Lodge Twin Cottage

Book your stay for your group of friends in the affordable standard rooms. Though set further from the lake, their positioning is uphill hence the view is no less diminished.


Pelican Lodge Garden

Pelican Lodge is an ideal location for a destination wedding. The manicured garden is the perfect wedding grounds for the gram. The package is reasonably affordable and cheaper than a standard wedding ceremony in Nairobi. Treat your guests to an all-inclusive one night on the shores of Lake Elementaita and spend the morning relaxing on one of the most serene Lake shores in Kenya.

That Pelican Lodge ranks highly for corporate getaways is a no-brainer. The conference hall that can hold up to 100 guests is ideal for training sessions around nature. If your firm is not yet part of Jumia Travel’s corporate program, you could sign up on our website for discounted rates.

Discover more things to do around Pelican Lodge, the food scene and the activities on Lake Elementaita on Jumia Travel’s online travel guide.

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