Holiday Travel Tips: How to Stay Safe

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A holiday is a success when you travel to a destination, have a fun-filled experience, and get back safely. A few things may compromise your safety when on holiday. Whether you are visiting the vast plains of Maasai Mara or the sandy shoreline on Diani Beach, your safety comes first.  Here are 10 holiday travel tips to help you stay safe in Kenya.

  1. Find the best airline or car hire service. Air travel is considered as one of the safest modes of transport, but you still need to find an airline that secures you in the skies. On the other hand, if you are travelling by road using car hire services or public transport, ensure your seat has a safety belt, inspect the vehicle’s condition and make sure the driver is sober. Don’t pay for the consequences of drunk driving.
  2. Travel during the day. The Christmas season in Kenya is plagued by some of the worst road accidents of all time. Some of the country’s busiest highways are not well-lit. Therefore, postpone any night road trip.
  3. Avoid street food. Stay healthy while travelling by eating from established food outlets, and if possible, only at the hotel you are staying.
  4. Get vaccinated where necessary. When travelling to Kenya, check the holiday travel advice given on your country’s embassy website. For domestic travel, you might need to take anti-malarial drugs when visiting the western and coastal parts of the country.
  5. At the hotel, leave valuables in a safety deposit box either in your room or at the reception. Avoid carrying valuables with you when exploring the cities and towns on foot. Additionally, always lock your room when inside and when you leave.
  6. Do not discuss your travel pans with strangers you meet at the hotel or anywhere else. Preferably, ask for airport transfer so that you will not be stranded, and disclose your destination to every taxi driver as you look for transport to the hotel.
  7. Get a guide. Local guides will not only help you find your way around but they will also tell you where to go and where to avoid. Get a guide when visiting parks like Amboseli, reserves as well as when doing city/town tours. Some attractions require you to hire a licensed/professional guide before your safari.
  8. Stay in a hotel with sufficient recreational facilities so you do not have to wander the streets looking for exciting night time activities. Numerous hotels in Kenya have on-site restaurants and bars.
  9. In unfenced camps and lodges, stay within your room at night. Some aggressive animals such as hippos and buffalos roam around the property.
  10. When on safari in a park, stay in the car. Additionally, avoid extending arms, cameras, feet etc. outside the vehicle because wildlife may be lurking nearby.

These easy holiday travel tips will help you stay safe, and get back to your life when the festive season is over.


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