Happy Father’s Day: Gift Ideas for Every Dad

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On Father’s Day, most dads dread the gift they get that has been bought with money from their wallet. Forget another tie, car fixing tools, and barbecue grill and entertain these few out of the box ideas.

  1. Chilled Out Dad

For the dads, whose weekends are their time to relax over a thermos of tea and a newspaper, the best treat is a fishing expedition. Take a trip to the Aberdare Fishing Lodge by Mathioya River in the heart of Aberdare Ranges. The only vigorous activity involves waking up at dawn, sitting on the river deck until you catch fish. The serenity at the lodge, the crisp morning air, and the enchanting views is certainly the ambiance your father will appreciate on Father’s Day.

  1. Thrill Seeking Dad

Hell's Gate

Your dad has the personality to tame the man-eaters of Tsavo but instead, he opted for a desk job to put his children through school. Good news, Hell’s Gate is where he can be his adventurous self once more. The terrain at this national park is the best for mountain riding and rock climbing. You can also take a nature walk on Father’s Day through the water-gouged gorges where geothermal steam is belched out. To finish the weekend on a high note, opt to camp under the acacia trees for the night within the park.

  1. Dad the History Nerd

Growing up, you remember your father telling tales of Kenya’s heroes by name and date of birth. No better gift than a tour around Nairobi’s museums such as the National Archives and the National Museum of Kenya. If you live in the Coastal region, Shimoni, the Gede Ruins, Jumba la Mtwana and the Lamu Fort are the places to visit. Here you’ll learn of the country’s history during the Sultans era before British colonialism.

  1. Dad the Explorer

Does your dad own a camera that he can operate better than his smartphone? Is his most preferred magazine National Geographic? Has he put a star on the channel Animal Planet? Well, take a few days off and head to Kakamega Forest for Father’s Day. This scenic rain forest that used to stretch all the way to Central Africa is an explorer’s haven. With hundreds of species of birds, butterflies, and indigenous trees as well as several mammals and primates, your father will feel at home.

  1. Newbie Dad


For the young fathers, appreciate the artistic doodle worth hanging in the Modern Arts Museum in the abstract section. Father’s Day is the day your young ones get to eat chips and sausage, jump on a bouncing castle, and splash around in the swimming pool all at your expense. For a family fun day, visit the Sovereign Suites at 20km only from Nairobi’s CBD. Not to worry, at the end of the day, you’ll receive the Superhero Dad Medal, handcrafted of course.


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