Facts about Nanyuki for Visitors

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Nanyuki is a quiet town with great history and an outstanding collection of adventure spots for fun lovers. Situated on the foothills of Mount Kenya, this lee-ward side town is about a 15 minutes’ drive from Nanyuki Airstrip, which makes it easy to access from towns around the country. Here are a few facts about Nanyuki.

A Safari Near Nanyuki

There is quite a number of attractions near Nanyuki. The most popular attractions near Nanyuki are:

  • The Equator sign – Discover Coriolis Force when you watch its effect on matchsticks in a bowl of water. The Equator line cuts through Nanyuki, about 6km from the town.
  • Ol Pejeta Conservancy – It is located west of the town, and it is the perfect destination for wildlife lovers. This conservancy has a rhino and chimpanzee sanctuaries. Ol Pejeta has a number of resorts and camps such as Porini Rhino Camp, Kicheche Laikipia Camp and Hillpark Olpejeta House.
  • Mount Kenya – It is the best attraction for mountain climbing expeditions. Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club, which is one of the oldest luxury hotels in Kenya, is accessible from Nanyuki.
Giraffes at a watering hole outside Sweetwaters Serena Camp.

Giraffes at a watering hole next to Sweetwaters Serena Camp.

How Far is Nanyuki from Nairobi?

Nanyuki is about 195km from Nairobi. This distance takes about 3 hours by road. Alternatively, you can book a flight from Nairobi to Nanyuki Airstrip, and get road transfer from the airstrip to the town.

How Far is Nanyuki from Nakuru?

Both Nanyuki and Nakuru are in the Rift Valley, but a few towns apart. By road, it takes about 3 hours and some minutes to cover the 182km between these two towns. You will pass through Nyeri to Nyahururu and drive further to reach Nakuru. It is one of the most scenic road trips through the countryside and into the heart of the Great Rift Valley.

How Far is Nanyuki from Nyeri?

Nyeri is about 60km from Nanyuki. This distance takes about an hour. Quite a number of public service vehicles ply this route. The drive takes you through the scenic but winding road in Kiganjo.


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