Explore Kenya this Madaraka Day

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Madaraka Day is one of Kenya’s national holidays, celebrated every June 1, it marks the day Kenya got self-internal rule. A lot of history surrounds this day. The milestone of self-rule is critical as it laid the ground for independence six months later.

June 1, 1963, isn’t just another date on the calendar, the significance of this day is that for the first time the British gave power to Kenyans to hold ministerial positions with Jomo Kenyatta as the Prime Minister. However, two ministries, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defence were still held by the British and the  Governor acting as the Queen’s representative in the country.

Chronologically, it is 1957 that set the pace for these changes as Africans were allowed to elect legislators leading up to the first multiparty elections in 1961.

This year, Madaraka day festivities falls on a Thursday, probably a Friday would have been lovely but still if you have an 8- 5 job this could be the much-needed break to invigorate and replenish yourself. Spoil yourself a little bit because you deserve all the fine things life has to offer.

It’s appropriate to settle for something outside the city, towns close to Nairobi come into mind, doesn’t it? Wherever you are, there is something worthwhile to indulge.

Places to enjoy your getaway

For families, this is the best day for a family hangout probably at Uhuru Park or Jevanjee gardens. All public spaces serve up as where you can play catch with the little angels. Learn some history by either visiting the Nairobi National Museum or the Kenya National Archives which has plenty of historical information. Wildlife lovers can enjoy an exhilarating experience kissing giraffes at the Giraffe Centre.

A quick road trip to Naivasha with the ‘squad’ is much welcome. Fancy a boat ride on the famous Lake Naivasha? If cycling is your thing you can carry along your bikes. Cycling through Hells Gate National Park famous for adventure lovers with love for adrenaline.

In Naivasha looking for places to stay isn’t really a big challenge as there are several hotels to choose from.


Enjoy a night or two at Lake Naivasha Kongoni Lodge. Located on the shores of Lake Naivasha you can’t miss the magnificent views.The crisp blue water makes a perfect silhouette so enticing you   Among other amenities, a dip in the swimming pool will melt away all the daily stress and leave you refreshed.


Just outside the city, is a gem waiting for you to unravel. Nyali Hill Cottages is approximately 20km from the city. The serene surroundings make it a perfect spot to unwind. The specially designed cottages are comfortable. The hotel also organises tours to the nearby Nairobi National Park.

 Machakos is a couple of kilometres is a favourite for many would be travel enthusiasts. Famed for continuously hosting event activities. This is the best place to mingle and have fun. The theme park adds to the delightful experience.

If you are planning to have an extended weekend, you can grab a safari package to the Masai Mara. It comes with a chance to enjoy a game ride through the Masai Mara. Transport is also available to and from Nairobi.

The best part for all travellers, there is a humongous list of places for a thrill some experience. A little research on the locations goes a long away in knowing what to expect.

Whatever you do this Madaraka Day weekend just make sure it’s fun.


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