Drinks Delivery and what you didn’t know about Jumia Party Kenya

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I bet you didn’t know that you can order drinks online in Nairobi and other parts of Kenya. And not just soft drinks or juices that you order with your meals but also alcoholic drinks for your mini bar, a hangout with friends or a full blown party.

Have you ever been in the mood to have a house party with your friends but you are stumped with all the planning and do not know how to get drinks for the party? Especially if the idea for a party came out of nowhere and you’re suddenly scrambling to text all your friends like “Ýo! Party at my house. Show up with a friend.” Jumia Party solves a great deal of the issues you encounter when having a party or even just an evening of drinks with your friends indoors.

Things you can order on Jumia Party Kenya:

All Types of Alcoholic Drinks

Beer, rum, whisky, wine, spirits, no kinds of alcoholic beverages are left out. You can find all you need for drinks delivery near you on Jumia Party.


Of course you need ice cubes to chill your drinks in a cooler or in your glass and you can order for packs of ice on Jumia Party.

Snacks and Finger Food

An evening of drinking surely should not go without munching on something. Snacks and finger foods are also available on Jumia Party to assuage the growls of a hungry stomach after a bout of drinking.

Soft Drinks and Juice

Because you would need to mix drinks, soft drinks and juice are also available to chase your hard alcoholic drinks with.


Party responsibly. You never know what the night might turn into but it’s great to always be prepared.

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