Twende Likizo: Islands in Kenya

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Planning for a holiday when there is much political uncertainty may seem a bit of a stretch. It is no wonder that the most used phrase has become “after elections”. With two weeks to spare after elections, here is our selection of the islands in Kenya that you could explore with your family.

Lake Turkana Islands

Series of lava rock pools at southern end of Lake Turkana

Series of lava rock pools at southern end of Lake Turkana

The largest permanent desert lake doesn’t quite qualify as one of the getaway islands in Kenya with children. Nonetheless, this is off the beaten path where WiFi and data connections are a myth. If travelling with adult siblings, what better way to bond as you admire natural beauty of the Jade Lake?

  • Central Island, also known as Crocodile Island in Kenya, is a 5 haunting national park made up of three active volcanoes that spew Sulphurous smoke.
  • South Island is a tale of contradictions; a birdwatcher’s paradise but also an eerie island in Kenya due to its luminous outlets visible at night.

Lake Victoria Islands

Lake Vicoria Islands

Lake Vicoria Islands

The largest freshwater lake in Africa tops as a family retreat destination. The popularity of the Lake Victoria islands in Kenya has dramatically increased since the opening of Kisumu International Airport. The warm weather, the vibrant people, the delicious tilapia fish makes these islands a popular escape from cold-ridden Nairobi.

  • Rusinga Island is a true gem which has been a long-time favourite for honeymooners. The secluded location on the eastern part of the Lake as well as the 4-star Rusinga Lodge makes it the most attractive island in Kenya.
  • Mfangano Island gets you back in touch with history. The island in Kenya houses ancient rock art that dates to 2,000 years ago. The Island is home to the Suba people, an endemic tribe, that you can learn about in the Abasuba Community Peace Museum.

Islands in Kenya North Coast

Lamu Old Town

Lamu Old Town

These islands are regarded as the most famous in all of Kenya. During the peak season, you might miss a spot to lay your kanga on the beach. As such, the weekend after election fever is the most ideal to venture out to these islands.

  • Mombasa Island is where Leonard DiCaprio gave us the mind-boggling movie Inception in 2010. During the day, there are quite several excursions and good ice-cream parlours to keep you busy.
  • Lamu Archipelago is composed of 4 main islands. A flight from Wilson Airport will land at Manda Island from where you can take a ferry to either Lamu, Kiwayu or Pate Islands. Tour the UNESCO Heritage sites, visit the fishermen’s villages, tour the historic sites, enjoy the cultural festivals or sit on the popular Shela beach and watch the sunset as you sip mnazi.

Islands in Kenya South Coast

Sands at Chale

Sands at Chale

For travelers looking for solace and tranquility, these islands in Kenya on the south coast inspire a peaceful holiday.

  • Funzi Island is a wonder to exploit for nature lovers. Home to the small Shirazi tribe, it is engulfed by mangrove forests with numerous creeks which make a nesting ground for the endangered sea turtles.
  • Wasini Island is a top diving destination. The Kisite-Mpunguti Marine Park is as beautiful below the surface as is beneath it.
  • Chale Island is a private island in Kenya with a 5-star beach resort that guarantees laid-back vacation during your entire stay.


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