When is the best Time to Visit Kenya?

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The vast plains of Kenya’s national parks house thousands of mammal and bird species. Additionally, the stretch of white unpolluted sand along the coast offers an eclectic mix of adrenaline-pumping activities from beach adventures to sailing and under-the-water excursions. But, what is the best time to visit Kenya, and enjoy the range of laid-back and adrenaline-pumping adventures?

Kenya is a great destination any time of the year. However, there are specific times of the year when the weather suits a number of safari activities. Therefore, your choice of fun things to do in the country ought to guide you in choosing your holiday dates.

The best time to go to Maasai Mara

The great wildebeest migration takes place from July to October every year. July is just after the long rains, and the lush plains of Mara have green pasture for the millions of grazers and browsers. Visitors pour into the plains of Mara to see the spectacular migration of wildebeests, zebras and gazelles. The best spot to watch this wildlife activity is within the conservancies around Maasai Mara because they are less crowded.

The enthralling Mara migration.

The enthralling Mara migration.

Hotel rates in Maasai Mara are at their highest during the great migration. If you have already thought about the ideal lodge or camp for your safari in Mara, book in advance.

In other national parks around the country, the best time for a game viewing safari is from June to October or from the last week of December to mid-March.

Long rains in Kenya

Heavy rains pound most parts of the country from March to May. During this rainy season, it is mainly wet and gloomy but with countless sunny intervals. After all, Kenya is at the Equator. At times, the roads to national parks are impassible so you have to ask in advance before booking a wildlife safari.

Most hotels and lodges close for renovations while the ones still operating lower their rates. Regions that may be sunny and bright despite the heavy downpour of this season include the northern towns of Isiolo and Turkana as well as the coastal towns like Malindi and Mombasa.

Shorts rains in Kenya

The second rainy season starts sometime in November to mid-December. The rates for some hotels and lodges drop to attract any visitor who doesn’t mind enjoying a quiet, fun-filled safari when the weather says otherwise.

Best time for watersports in Kenya

Any time of the year, the coastal towns of Kenya will give you an unforgettable beach safari. Nonetheless, if you wish to add diving and snorkelling adventures to your safari itinerary, the best months are from October to March when the water is clear. The best water clarity is from January to February when it is generally dry around the country, and there are no run-offs from rivers to the ocean.

Over the years, the climate in Kenya has become unpredictable. Therefore, the rainy/dry season may delay or stay longer than expected. Now you know the best time to visit Kenya.


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